Is COVID-19 Vaccine Really Magnetic Posted On

Is COVID-19 Vaccine Really Magnetic?

Posted By Pooja Thakkar

A strange and unproven new conspiracy theory concerning the COVID-19 vaccine affirms that one potential side effect of the jab is making you magnetic either throughout the body or at the injection site on your arm. Reuters, an international news organization, stated that the absurd story has lately been shared by people on social media, […]

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Bitcoins for Transactions Posted On

8 Incredible Benefits of Using Bitcoins for Transactions

Posted By admin

The demand for Bitcoin, a digital currency created in January 2009, is unfolding day by day. Now more and more people are starting to use Bitcoin over traditional currency.   And why won’t they? There are so many reasons and benefits of using Bitcoins.   Yes, if we compare it to other fiat currencies, they […]

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