5 Breakthrough Technology Predictions 2020 by MIT Technology Review

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Like every year, the MIT Technology Review unveiled its list of top breakthrough technology predictions 2020. And, the list may leave you in the mesmerizing situation. The reason is, the technologies they outlined are expected to become realities in the next decade, changing the enterprise and world. Wanna know more about them? Let’s have a look.


  1. Quantum Supremacy

According to David Rotman editor at MIT Technology Review, one of the most exciting technologies of the bunch, quantum supremacy indicates that quantum computers are becoming a reality, but its functionality is becoming even more advanced in time.

The buzz of quantum computer development has floated around the entire enterprise. It is said that technology is able to process massive computational solutions even faster than any supercomputer.

However, this form of computing hasn’t been widely used yet and neither it will be usable by 2030 but possibly reach quantum supremacy.

Rotman stated,


“Quantum supremacy is the point where a quantum computer can do something that a classical conventional computer cannot do or take hundreds of years for a classical computer to do.”


  1. Tiny AI

As per its name, tiny AI is one interesting, and surprising, technology in the study concerned. Based on Rotman’s word, the surprising nature of this technology comes with how quickly AI is growing.

Unlike the present day, AI will become even more functional in the near future. It will seem as independently running on wearables as well as phones. Rotman stated that this advancement will hinder devices from requiring the cloud to use AI-driven features as now.


  1. Satellite mega-constellations

Rotman mentioned in the list that Satellites have become so small and relatively cheap these days that even people are sending up whole clusters of these satellites. He also mentioned that it’s going to have an enormous impact on communication and all the things that we rely on satellites for.

With high-speed internet, these satellites will be able to cover the entire globe. Currently, applications of satellite mega-constellations are being tested by various companies such as SpaceX, Amazon, OneWeb, and Telesat, according to the report.


  1. Digital money

Here we are talking about cryptocurrency, also known as Digital money, which will become more widely popular in 2020. Also, its usage will increase in the coming time. Although, the increment of this money will also have huge impacts on financial privacy, as the need for an intermediary becomes less necessary, according to the report.


  1. AI-discovered molecules

Rotman stated,

“It’s not just a first step, but it would be an important step in speeding up the search for new drugs.”

It is a fact that to find drug-like compounds with specific desirable characteristics, Scientists have used AI. The reports found that new drugs might be able to be commercialized for a lesser cost, in the next three to five years, compared to the current scenario where $2.5 billion it takes to commercialize a new drug.

Isn’t this list is just amazing? Well, no matter what these emerging technologies will make our life easier and better.

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