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A New Innovation in Technology – Virtual Reality 2020

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Virtual Reality is a revolution in the field of technology. It is the creation of a parallel or duplicate atmosphere with the use of computer technology. It places the users inside a virtual experience, which trains their minds to believe it to be real.

Virtual reality has brought an immense change in the working pattern of the businesses, which lead to an increase in demand for the products and enhancement of sales and revenues.

Some of the examples mentioned below:

Automotive Industry – Engineers and designers use virtual reality to make visual designs and object obscuration of the vehicle before implementation. It saves a lot of money and time.

Health Industry – VR technology is used by doctors for the improvement of physical and mental health. Spending time in VR can have therapeutic benefits for problems like post-traumatic disorder and anxiety.

Retail Industry – People can try clothes or shoes while shopping online with the use of Virtual technology, which helps them in purchasing the right product without wasting time.

Tourism – Travel companies are giving a facility to their clients to go on virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, and tourist landmarks. It gives customers overall real experience.

Real Estate – Individuals can scan and view the properties and places via the Internet. Clients do not need real estate agents for this, and even they don’t have to sacrifice their weekends.

Events and conferences – In events and conferences, people wear virtual reality headset, which gives them a real experience.

Entertainment – In the entertainment industry, movie makers use virtual reality technology at the time of movie reviews or red carpet events.

Learning and Development – Companies are using VR for soft skills. They are combining VR apps with Web VR and work with companies to integrate their corporate training into current LMS. It has made training more accessible and cheaper.

Sports – VR technology enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver live sports viewing experiences on mobile VR.

Virtual Reality Impact on the Economy

The use of Virtual Reality has made things less expensive. It has brought a transformation in the ongoing activities of different business sectors. A whole new market of virtual goods and service providers has emerged, which has created a demand for designers, graphic artists, and developers.

Haptics is a device that is known for clothing or objects that transmit touch. The device will drive more businesses to create a virtual presence and content. The use of haptics and virtual reality glasses becomes better, convenient, and user-friendly. An increase in business revenues will lead to an augmentation of the economic status of the country.

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