Covid-19 Draws a Digital Transformation Boom across the Enterprise

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To respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, the integration of digital infrastructure to streamline public health is very crucial in the context of epidemic forecasting as well as decision-making. This implementation of digital infrastructure progressively fuels the digital transformation initiatives within an organization. But the transition will see significant changes in industries especially in technology, food delivery services, customer service, and virtual events, due to the pandemic.

We are seeing major occurrences worldwide, in the present situation, including soaring adoption of online services, an enormous requirement for internet services, and enhanced connectivity among industries, despite their sizes.


It is no secret that the impact of the Covid-19 crises has exhibits the value of IT and digital transformation across industries and businesses must utilize this time to speed up the transition.


A tremendous decline in sales performance, based on the report found the inability to visit customers, and the inability to resume production as the top negative impacts of Covid-19 on enterprise-level.


Conversely, the increase in the corporate ability of long-distance collaborative work, wide recognition of the value of digital transformation and information technology among all employees, and the ability to market online was the top positive impact.


There were $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, of which an estimated $900 billion was wasted when initiatives didn’t meet their potential, based on a report from Harvard Business Review. This specifies that most companies realize the vitality of digital transformation, while many are bewildered with the idea of having to refurbish their entire digital initiative and struggle due to the lack of knowledge on how to achieve a transformation.


Covid-19 to Drive Digital Transformation


Well, digital infrastructure plays a vital role in envisioning and modeling outbreaks in the time of coronavirus crisis. It will become imperative for organizations to look for new solutions or ways to stay ahead of the competition as the pandemic continues to spread around the world. Because, due to supply chain disruptions and lowered customer demand, most enterprises will fail to spot their financial targets.


But, experts predict that businesses must see this condition as an opportunity and place their focus much on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in long-term resilience and digital business. Organizations can alleviate the impact of the Covid-19 and keep their businesses running in the long term if they adapt their technological capacity and investments on digital platforms.


So, as companies move to become more digital, we believe they can drive more value in terms of customer experience as digital solutions allow business-customer relationships on screens instead of in person.

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