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In 1956 John McCarthy invented Artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence refers to the imitation of human intelligence in machines that act and think like humans.

Activities involved in artificial intelligence are complex decision-making, reasoning and learning, sophisticated analytics and pattern recognition, visual acuity, speech recognition, and language translation. For instance, a robot named Sophia was introduced by Hongkong on 14th Feb 2016, where she was able to display 40 facial expressions and interact with humans.

With the use of AI, robots were created, who use to perform some of the human functions, but they were not able to sense anything. But now sensors have been enabled in them, due to which they have sensing abilities, which make them more human-like.

Artificial intelligence future is fascinating than ever. There were several predictions for the future, there will be a universal usage of AI which will become a part of routine activities. Robotics and AI will merge. There will be robots in the future, even to serve the medicines to people, etc.

Uses of Artificial intelligence

  • Finance and Banking – Finance and payment industries face a lot of cases of theft and losses. But after the usage of deep learning technology, susceptible behavior and potential fraud can be spotted.
  • Healthcare – AI helps in analyzing difficult medical data as X-rays, CT scans, different screenings, and tests. Many doctor apps in the market use speech recognition to consult with patients to check their symptoms and offer them appropriate treatment. Google is utilizing it to diagnose heart disease more quickly and accurately.
  • Retail – AI has immensely helped the retail industry with conversation intelligence technology. It helps companies in interacting with the customer and segmenting sales calls using speech recognition. They also use chatbots and virtual customer assistants, which helps in answering queries without the involvement of human staff.
  • Technology – The tech giant’s hiring smaller AI companies to gain a competitive advantage. Instead of chatbots, market leaders have built their intelligent voice assistants such as Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. American Express is deploying AI bots to serve its customers online.
  • Education – Machine learning also has a big impact on education as there are programs created by the educational organizations that reviews writing submissions, identifies the strengths and weakness of the students, and refer revisions to them.
  • Energy and utilities – AI is used to make energy systems cleaner, affordable, and reliable. The most popular implementations are intelligent energy forecasts, self-healing digital grids.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning go hand in hand as machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence. It provides the ability to the machine to automatically learn and improve the experience without being programmed.

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