How augmented reality can help companies during COVID-19?

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The almost entire world was in the lockdown phase. Gradually things came back on track; still, a third of humanity is in self-isolation. Even after the lockdown lift, people are to remain socially distant. But can we maintain this behavioral change forever, or say for a really long period. Possibly no! So, we, humans, have a new way to stay close, keep doing out works, and keep the show go on. That is through technology. Virtual reality is quite a known term to most of the people, and Augmented Reality is lesser discussed. However, we are using it throughout in some or other way. Let us being with understanding how VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are different from each other.


In simple words, virtual reality implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. And, augmented reality adds digital elements to a live view. It is often done by using the camera on a smartphone. Or, it is basically an enhanced version of the real physical world through the use of visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli.


Now the question is how augmented reality can help companies during COVID-19? Well, with many of us now at home during a global pandemic, augmented reality is a tool that can actually help us transforming our immediate surroundings into learning, work, and entertainment spaces. There are plenty of companies that are catching on to consumers’ preferences by serving them with VR and AR experiences. Whether you talk about events and conferences, education, and entertainment, everything is going virtual with increasing frequency. Activations, product launches, and brand awareness campaigns are now hosted as live virtual events where thousands of people engage and interact. They stay safe; follow the rules imposed by this pandemic on all of us, as well as do not miss anything related to what is going on in event(s). AR is a powerful visualization tool. It helps guide you through the completion of a task, navigate a new environment, or even provide real-time descriptions of what’s happening around you. Plus, It can make new modes of storytelling and creative expression possible with experiences unfolding in both our homes and public spaces.


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