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Internet of Things – The New Revolution

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Internet of Things or IoT is creating so much buzz all over, nowadays. But have you ever thought why it is gaining so much popularity, how it works and what are the benefits of it? Well, don’t worry, here we are with all your answers. So, let’s begin with its brief intro for better understanding.

What is Internet of Things?

In simple language, the Internet of things is a network of Internet-connected devices that can send and receive data. It has immersed as a revolution in the field of technology. Due to the new inventions, many sectors will have a fascinating future. IoT is all about devices sensor. It is not always necessary to have internet connections for IoT devices.

How does Internet of Things Work?

IoT is also known as the Internet of everything, which consists of devices connected to the Internet that collect, send, and act on data they gain from the surrounding environments using embedded sensors and processors.
IoT is quite beneficial for many businesses as many giant business houses such as Amazon, Square, Google, and IBM are currently using IoT technology, which has also enhanced their sales, revenues, and customer base.

Some of the advantages of Internet of Things:

Easy Access to Information: A person can access information from any time, from anywhere because of the network of devices. It is quite convenient for people to work even if they are not physically present at a place.
Better Communication: Efficient communication is possible with IoT technologies. A machine provides better and faster results. Some of the examples are wireless cellular devices and walkie talkie.
Cost-Effectiveness: Transferring data over the connected network saves time and money. For instance, cell towers can sense when the usage is low, enter into sleep mode to save energy cost.
Automation: The automation process has reduced the manual task leading to a saving of time. It has helped businesses in improving the quality of work.

IoT devices are any computing devices that can be connected wirelessly to a network and with the help of which data can be transmitted. To create an IoT device, one requires an IoT platform.

Some types of IoT devices are wireless sensors, software, actuators, and computer devices, which can be embedded with Mobile devices, equipment of industries, environmental sensors, and medical devices.

The benefits of devices are that they provide good control over processes, are better in operating, increases efficiency, and save time. It also increases machine to machine interaction.

IoT applications enable devices to interact, collaborate, and learn from each other experiences just like humans. Types of IoT applications are wearable technologies like Fit Bits, smartwatches, heart rate monitors. Secondly, smart home applications, smart cities, health care applications, smart greenhouse, industrial automation, etc.

IoT is changing the future, and the new inventions happening through it day by day, will surely lead the world to a brighter future. Let’s see what more IoT will offer us in near future!

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