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Is Quantum Computing A New Breakthrough in Technology?

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As per the recent study, the real quantum supremacy race was first going between China and the US, but now India has also joined it. Yes, India has joined it with few selected countries that chase quantum supremacy with 8000 crores of national missions, which will rewrite the present rule of computing.

What exactly is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is a computer technology based on principles of quantum theory. It elaborates on the behavior of energy and material on the atomic and subatomic levels.

Quantum computers are not used for general tasks like sending emails, updating status or for performing normal software/hardware tasks like normal computers. They are built to perform a more complex task.

It deals with the particles much smaller than the size of the atom. Also, it can enhance the computational power beyond what can be achievable by other computers.

Advantages of Quantum Computing:

Blazing Speed – Quantum computers can do computing at a faster rate than ordinary computers.
Virtual unbreakable encryption – Quantum computers will be able to crack many encryption techniques, they would create hack-proof replacements in the future.
Accelerate machine learning – It will reduce the time to solve an issue from hundreds of thousands of years to seconds.

Google Quantum Computer Technology

On October 23, Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer (CEO) of Google, revealed huge information related to quantum technology. They have announced the creation of a technology known as quantum supremacy. Moreover, they call their quantum computer as ‘Sycamore’ which is capable of solving a difficult problem in 200 seconds.

Google has compared Sycamore to IBM’s Summit, in which they have stated that their system can solve the issue in 200 seconds as compared to IBM’s summit, which will take around 10000 years to solve the issue. Here, this is what quantum supremacy means, one that runs on the laws of quantum physics.

Quantum Supremacy: IBM Quantum Computer Technology

For IBM, quantum computing is an innovation to produce high-quality research and test ideas for using cutting edge software systems. They are pushing boundaries of computer computing to make an impact on the real world. For example, IBM partnered with Delta (an airline industry) and provided them with quantum technology to address challenges across the day of travel. IBM software is tackling problems for Delta companies like options pricing, advanced battery materials with structures, manufacturing optimization, chemical research, logistics, etc.

Quantum computer is a revolution in the field of technology and is about to change the world. Big tech giants like IBM, Intel, Google, IBM, etc are using this technology.

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