The Negative Effects of PUBG on Youth

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Posted By Pooja Thakkar

Technological progress is not inherently positive or negative. In the end, it is up to the people how they use it. In today’s era, we all are moving forward at our own pace, and it is necessary as those who do not move do not notice their chains. However, what matters is the direction. I agree that technology is implementing tremendous changes in human society, and technology is best when it brings people together. Nevertheless, having so much dependency on technology has made circumstances that lead to disturbance in the healthy lives of today’s young and rising youth. One of the prime examples is a game named PUBG.

Allow me to take you around the detailing about this game we are talking about. I will be brief but comprehensive.

In battlegrounds, players compete where up to 100 players fight in a last-man-standing deathmatch. Players can choose to enter the match solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people. The last person or team alive wins the match. There have been reports that this game has both positive and negative effects. According to some people, this game is antisocial and violent, which negatively affects the mind. It is also a big time-waster.

Researchers believe that games are one of the fundamental factors that corrupt children’s brains. In addition to diverting the attention of children and young people away from other things, violent games influence them to become more violent and perpetrate criminal acts. Do not let anything become your addiction, including PUBG.

Now, as I have mentioned a basic idea about the game, Those who play these games usually experience these negative effects of PUBG :

Rooting Aggression & Anger:

Violent games such as PUBG have come under criticism. A player’s mental health can be negatively affected if they experience excessive violence. According to a survey, there is less time for other activities since people often spend hours playing PUBG, maybe up to 5 hours per day. Over 730 million people have downloaded it, which indicates an alarming situation for youth’s behavioral issues. With this much usage of this violent game, hallucination problems are occurring to the doctors. According to a survey by Scoop Whoop, there are several cases registered after playing PUBG. Some are listed below:

● A fitness trainer from Jammu ended up in hospital after losing mental balance while playing the game.
● Pune youth’s addiction to PUBG caused him to lose an entire academic year.
● One couple divorced when the woman refused to revive her husband’s character and instead revived another player.
● A Mumbai youth committed suicide after being denied a Smartphone to play PUBG.

Further, many facts conclude that excessive playing leads to a loss of thinking power.

Physically damaging gamers:

Those were the days when children embraced their games with enthusiasm, interacted so well with each other, and explored new ones with so much vigor and creativity. Throughout the team’s performance, there was mutual respect and humility. In the current parks, however, no such teamwork games are played. There is growing isolation among children, and they are not thinking beyond the game. If you would like to read a transcript, you can ask any doctor. Sitting for too long would be harmful to your body, and you will not find any quote to support that.
In comparison to anything else, it makes you sick the quickest. As a starter, it weakens your eyesight and makes you lazy. In case you need more evidence, you might even experience backache after playing this game. Migraines and headaches can also result from it.

Reduces social interaction among gamers:

In the heat of the moment, gamers want to devote their full attention to their game. Many people do not wish to be in a situation like this, so they tend to avoid talking to anyone or sitting where real people are conversing. Slowly, this trait becomes a tendency, making the individual less socially active. Their whole day consists of playing the game. It is only the thoughts about gaming that interest them, which cause them to forget things. The virtual world is given more attention than the physical one.

The technology available to every child:

One of the most significant flaws of the fast-moving generation is that every child has mobile and several other devices that can damage their overall growth. Some of the flaws are mentioned below:

● Eye Strain

All device users experience symptoms of eye strain, such as burning eyes, difficulty focusing, etc.

It may be more fun to play a game in bright light, but the glare, high contrast, and flickering images take a toll on your eyes. This is made worse by squinting at small handheld devices. In addition, kids who are enraptured tend not to blink, making matters worse.

Furthermore, children who do not spend time outdoors may develop myopia.

● Stress

Overuse of devices increases stress levels instead of lowering them. An extended period of constant stress can negatively affect the cardiovascular system, sleep, digestion, and psychological well-being.

● Insomnia

A study found that using a mobile phone or other device disrupted sleep and brain activity. Stress could be another possible cause of these symptoms.

● Atherosclerosis

Children can spend so much time idly playing with tech devices, yet a lack of physical activity plays a significant role in childhood obesity and the risks it carries.

● Deficiency in Immunity

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that about 92% of handheld phones harbor bacteria, with 16% containing the potentially hazardous E.coli strain. Due to the climate in which we live, we can expose ourselves to such bacteria for hours!

As it is about the future youth of the country, parents, teachers, and all guardians should not neglect these many points. We should all be keenly aware of our surroundings and take care of many things. We should not talk down to children who play games or use technology, but we should all put our health before anything else.

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