Top Benefits of Cobots & How They are Different then Robots?

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What are Cobots?


The popular term Collaborative Robots are known as Cobots. Basically, they are designed and programmed in a way so they can work in partnership with employees (humans). Actually, robots are designed to work for humans. And, Cobots are designed and programmed to work with humans, but not for humans.


How Cobots are Different from Robots?


Still thinking, how Cobots are different from robots? Let us discuss some key differences.


  • Partnership with Humans


Cobots are used in applications working alongside human operators. They act as assistants to human operators. And, when we talk about traditional robots, they are programmed to complete an automated task with very little or no human interaction. Also, robots are not designed with human safety as a key priority; they just do their task.


  • Safety Factors


Equipped with features allowing seamless collaboration is something that is highly remarkable in the case of cobots. They are designed with detection features that allow them to operate in the same envelope as humans. Also, they are able to immobilize with the slightest touch preventing injury to the human operators nearby.


  • Ease of Use


Very easy to program, cobots are capable of learning quickly, unlike traditional industrial robots. Human operators can reprogram cobots and use them for a variety of tasks.


  • Functionality


Cobots can be moved and utilized in different areas of production, unlike robots. For example, most of the cobots can be mounted on any surface, be it horizontal, vertical, or on the ceiling. They are light enough to be carried by just one person, unlike traditional industrial robots.


Top Benefits of Cobots


  • Using Cobots certainly increases the human and robot efficiency
  • They are useful for small to mid-sized manufacturers
  • Investing in Cobots ensures and increases the return of investment
  • This type of technology brings greater flexibility to the human environment
  • Cobots can safely handle complex and dangerous tasks
  • And, last but not least, there is an unlimited potential that collaborative robots or cobots hold, which is a definite benefit for the long run


Well, aren’t these cobots are interesting?


Stay tuned for more updates on trending technologies!

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