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Twitter’s New Deepfake and Manipulated Media Policy

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Twitter is one of the top 10 social networking websites through which millions of users interact with each other by posting tweets and videos. It also includes business tycoons and celebrities who have millions of followers and make it easy for them to connect to a common man. As we all know that Twitter has a huge impact on society, a new Twitter policy has been launched known as Deepfake and manipulated Media Policy for the safety of its users.

Let’s understand what exactly is Deepfake and Manipulated Media?

Advancement in digital technologies has made it difficult for us to make a difference between original media and fake media. Nowadays, people make videos applying artificial intelligence to depict someone say and do things that never happened. With the reach of social media, Deepfake is creating a negative impact on society. It is not only damaging the thinking of society but also defaming the image of politicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Also, it is affecting stock prices and global prices, which is directly harming our country’s economic status.

Few Highlights on Twitter Private Policy

• Any fake, misleading, manipulated, fabricated tweet or video posted on twitter will be removed if they can cause any harm to anyone.
• Here, harm indicates a threat to a person or group. It includes mass violence, civil unrest, and a free expression right of an individual.
• The policy includes activities like stalking, unwanted attention, targeted material intend to harm a particular person.
• Twitter will warn users by placing a notice next to their tweets before they place any misleading tweets.
• The links mentioned by Twitter will also include the reason why the tweet was considered as manipulated one.
• Editing, cropping, slowing down, overdubbing will also be considered in the social media manipulation of data or manipulated media.

The manipulated media policy not only considers tweets but also the metadata. If the data is found manipulated, it has been assessed and the potential for harm is evaluated. If the data is found malicious, it will be removed. In case, the data isn’t removed, Twitter will add a warning label to the tweet along with a link to additional explanations.

Deepfake policy provides benefits to many industries such as movies, educational media, digital communications, games, and entertainment, etc. For instance, it helps in making digital voices or for updating digital footage in the absence of an individual. It also helps in breaking language barriers on video conference calls.

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